PUre isolation

-Very good electrical isolation                             -Free from halogenated flame retardants

-Dielectric strength up to 30 kV/mm                    -Solvent-free systems

-Outstanding bonding properties                         -Soft to hard cure


-Operating temperature range from-80°C to +130°C

Our isolating resins cannot be matched when it comes to high performance and long life.

We offer a large selection of materials with excellent electrical isolation which protect your components effectively against environmental influences and aggressive substances. 

Our resins cover extreme temperature ranges from-80°C to 165°C.

Naturally, our products also demonstrate high dielectric strength, in combination with various different degrees of hardness and viscosity.

The systems are also fully free from solvents and exhibit outstanding bonding properties on different materials. From sensitive sensor systems through switching applications to the automotive sector, our products will achieve perfect protection for your power electronics.