PUre transparency

  -UV-stable                                                     -Solvent-free systems


  -Crystal-clear *                                              -Mercury-free


  -Transmission values over 90%                       -Soft to hard cure


  -Very good electrical insolation

We offer a wide range of transparent and UV- stable compounds in the field of LED casting resins. 

From complex lighting systems in the automotive sector to demanding underwater lighting, with our special products, we fulfil your demands.

To ensure we provide high quality demands and we have subjected our systems to ambitious long-term tests and analysed the materials’ behaviour over many thousands of hours under extreme weather conditions. 

With our resins, your components will no longer be sensitive to external influences and be perfectly suited for use outdoors.


We offer you our optical resins at various levels of cloudiness, optimising your dosing process while excluding the use of fillers. No matter whether used to protect lighting applications indoors or out: with our UV-stable systems, we are your competent partner.